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Want to Save on a Ship Load of Money?
Consider requiring a number of rolls of bubble wrap -

Envirobubble - protecting your goods and environmentally friendly too

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular forms of protective packaging. EnviroBubble is the most effective protective packaging option "From Light Weight for short distribution cycles to Super Heavy Duty for long term storage". EnviroBubble is made of up to 15% recycled content.


Environmentally friendly packaging - the envirobubble range
Envirobubble wrap industrial rolls

EnviroBubble Rolls

EnviroBubble bubblewrap is made up of up to 15% recycled content and is ideal for all applications where the protection of bubble wrap is needed as well as being environmentally friendly as it is re-useable.
The bubble wrap rolls are available in various thicknesses (single or twin skin), widths and lengths, all of which are available in slit rolls (that is, cut into 2, 3 or 4+ in a roll). The minimum width for slit rolls is 100mm. The rolls of bubble wrap are available in three bubble profiles: 10mm, 20mm and 30mm.
Get Packed can also arrange for the rolls of EnviroBubble to be perforated at regular intervals (minimum perforation is 100mm) and to be printed on.
Anti-static bubble wrap is also available from Get Packed.

Bubblewrap Dispensers Bubblewrap Dispensers

Our range of Bubble wrap dispensers are available to suit a range of sizes of Bubble wraps as well as being available in bench mounts, free standing dispensers as well as wall mounted dispensers. See our Shopping Cart / List of Sizes for details.
Handywrap for the office Handywrap Perforated Sheets

Perforated Bubblewrap Sheets - Office Rolls
HandiWrap is a small roll (75m) of EnviroBubble bubblewrap that has been perforated every 400mm – therefore providing sheets of 400mm x 375mm, with 10mm bubbles – in a dispenser box. It is ideal for around the office for wrapping small objects or covering surfaces to prevent damage in transit. It is made of up to 15% recycled content.

EnviroProtecta padded mail bags Enviro Protecta Bags

EnviroProtecta bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional padded mailer as they are made of up to 15% recycled content. The EnviroProtecta bag comes in a shiny finish and is available in end opening. It features a high slip inner surface to enable easy loading and packing as well as tamper evident seals, and a triple layer bubble with padded flap. Whilst standard sizes are available, custom sizing or printing is available upon request with minimum orders.

Black Padded Mailer Bags
White padded mailer bags

Black and White Opaque Padded Bags

The new Armour range of opaque padded mailers offers a professional looking package with the additional benefit of providing privacy and discretion. The Black features 100% blockout and the white features a 20% increase in opacity due to a tri-layer white extrusion process - as well as tamper evident seals. The black padded mailers are all side opening (opening the long side) whilst the white padded mailers are available in both top and side opening options. The two inner linings of the Armour range of padded mailer bags are made up of up to 15% recycled content, making them a more environmentally friendly choice!

Black Padded Bags

Black Padded Bags

White Padded Bags

White Padded Bags

adhesive backed bubble wrap Adhesive Backed Bubble Wrap

Otherwise known as ProtectaShield, adhesive backed bubble wrap intimately adheres to your product providing secure protection as well as cusioning from its 10mm bubble - all without leaving residue as well as eliminating the need for tape. This item can be custom made with different bubble profiles, grades, perforations and specifications.
This product is suitable for use with most surfaces in most circumstances, but as we have no way of knowing the nature of the surface to which it will be applied or the circumstances in which it will be applied - therefore samples of the product would be made available on request for the purposes of testing the application. As such the suitability of this product will always be the responsibility of the customer.

Get Packed Envirotube EnviroTube

EnviroTube in an environmentally friendly continuous bubble wrap tubing that protects your product for sale, storage and transport. It is available in either a standard 200mm opening with 50m of length – which allows users to cut the bubble wrap tube to the desired length. It can also be custom made to suit your required dimensions with perforations for easy tearing. EnviroTube features a high slip inner surface that allows for easy loading and packing which will save you time in cutting and packing and ultimately money.

Protecta Wrap for furniture Protecta Wrap

ProtectaWrap is an environmentally friendly furniture bubblewrap which offers superior cushioning, surface and edge protection which makes it perfect for storage and transport. It is moisture resistant, tear and puncture resistant and has the added benefit of being fully recyclable and reusable. ProtectaWrap is made of 10mm non-abrasive bubblewrap, is available in light, regular and heavy grades, and comes in rolls of 1.5m width x 100m length. For a high quality finish Get Packed can also arrange for custom printing of your company logo.

Non-recycled Bubblewrap products

kraft laminated bubble wrap

Kraft Laminated Bubblewrap

Coming in either a single side or double sided - bubble wrap that has been laminated with brown kraft paper is a robust solution where protective packaging is required. It provides the protection of bubble wrap with the look and feel of kraft paper. It is ideal for wrapping furniture or fragile items where presentation is important.

Bubble Wrap Bags Bubble Wrap Bags

Bubble bags are available in clear and anti static options as well as a variety of laminates for superior surface protection. They are available in a standard range of sizes or can be made to order with a minimum depth of 100mm through to a maximum of 1.5m and a minimum opening of 100mm through to a maximum of 10m. As the bubble bags are available in a large range of sizes it makes them  an ideal packaging solution for both large and small bubble bag applications from furniture covers, sporting equipment and electrical goods as well as jewellery, computer parts and stationery. They also have the added benefit of being made from up to 15% recycled content therefore not only providing bubble protection for your goods, but also friendly to the environment.
Make your own bubble wrap with Air IB Express Packaging System Air IB Express Packaging System

This inflatable cusioning system allows you to create your own bubble wrap. The Air IB Express System quickly produces inflatable cusions of air in a 400mm width or an 800mm widths at speeds of up to 16.5meters per minute. This allows you to customise your bubble wrap output as well as being able to choose from two optional film strengths - regular or premium. Rolls of film are available in black (comes out grey) or clear. Click on our shopping cart to view the sizes, codes and prices.

bubble tubes Bubble Tubes

Bubble wrap tubes are custom made to any size to assist with your packaging needs. They are an ideal solution providing greater work efficiency and reducing OH & S issues.

Fruit Pads - cushioning protection for fuit Fruit Pads

The fruit pads are a tissue lined bubble used mainly for stone fruit. This provides cushioning for the fruit whilst absorbing excess moisture.

Anti Static Bubblewrap Anti Static Bubble Wrap

The Anti-static bubblewrap is made of a static dissipative material providing the utmost protection of bubble as well as protecting against static build up. It has a bubble profile of 10mm. Anti static bubble bags are also available to be made to order.

Poly Foam Rolls Poly Foam Rolls

Poly Foam Wrap is designed to protect surfaces and products from damage and scratches during storage and transport. It is made of a soft and light weight low density polyethylene which is 100% recyclable, non abrasive and water resistant. It is available in different thicknesses and roll lengths.

Custom Orders

Get Packed has available a range of products previously mentioned that are able to be custom ordered or printed. Orders that may be cancelled do not incur a charge, except when the orders are in the process of being made. In this event a charge may be applied for processing or any completed goods up to the point of cancellation.


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